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Representative Assembly The representative assembly will be held in the main hall at the CTA office (715 Spencer Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33409) at 4:45 PM. All members are welcome to join us.
CTA Member Committees Serving on a committee is one way to become more involved in the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association. CTA has 10 committee groups that allow any member to become more active at their local. If you are interested in joining a CTA member committe, email the chair or staff person today!
Click here to view the committee groups.
Florida Voting Challenge Video Have you taken the Florida Voting Challenge?  Watch President Gundlach take the challenge.  The General Election has started with absentee ballots hitting homes this week and Election Day only three weeks away.  “The stakes for educators and our students could not be higher” said CTA President Dr. Kathi Gundlach while she was casting her mail ballot at the Supervisor of Elections office yesterday.
(click here to watch the video)
Election Palm Card Click Here to download the election palm card. In order to view this card you must be signed in under your member log in. Request your absentee ballot by calling:561-656-6200 or visit:
Florida Voting Challenge CTA President Dr. Kathi Gundlach & Vice-President Bill Rizzo took the ALS ice bucket challenge at the 2014 Organizing Conference. A twist was added to this challenge, by nominating CTA members and FEA local Presidents' to post their vote. #postthevote #flvotingchallenge

(Click here to watch the video)
CTA Calendar Handbooks   Handbooks were picked up at the Organizing Conference over the weeked. If you are a CTA member but have not received your calendar handbook be sure to see your lead-rep at your school. If you are a lead-rep and have not got your calendar handbooks for your school, be sure to stop by the CTA office and pick them up.
MAKE SURE TO REQUEST YOUR VOTE BY MAIL BALLOT TODAY As educators, it’s important that we make sure our voices are heard, and voting by mail is the easiest way to do that. It’s simple to request your vote by mail ballot.Join thousands of your colleagues and request your vote by mail ballot today!


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