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The mission of the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association is to obtain, advance, and protect the professional, economic, human and civil rights of members, advance professional standards, and act as a catalyst for quality public education.

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On Monday, March 24, the House Education Appropriations committee will vote on HB 7117, which makes revisions to Florida’s education accountability system.  This is certainly the most important education bill that legislators will vote on during this legislative session. The decisions they make will impact our kids, teachers and public schools for years to come. 

The bill is an attempt to fix the problems that plague our school grading system - and give our students and teachers a short reprieve while transitioning to the new state standards and the FCAT replacement. HB 7117 revises the way school grades are calculated, allows for a one-year transition before using test results to make decisions about student retention, graduation, and teacher evaluations.

While the bill is a good start, the bill does not address the obsession with high-stakes testing programs that do nothing to enhance learning or support teaching.

Lawmakers need to hear from you.  Please contact your House Representative, today.

$1•  Ask them to support establishing a Transition Education Accountability Task force made up of education leaders, teachers, parents and members of the business community to oversee the implementation and transition of the new standards, along with acting to advise the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the State Board of Education.

$1•  Tell them to support the proposal in HB 1187 by Rep. Joe Saunders that provides for a more realistic time period for the implementation of state standards and to verify the validity of the new test that will replace the FCAT.

$1•  Tell your representative that Florida must slow down and correct the accountability system. There are too many moving parts to the system – we need to take the time to fix Florida’s broken system. It took 15 years and millions of our tax dollars to get it wrong.  We can afford to take 3 years to get it right!

Contact your House of Representative, today. After you have sent your message, please join the social conversations on the FEA Action Center

The Action Center gives you the power to influence change and reach out to others who may not understand the issues that are important to public school teachers and ESPs. Here's a short video to show you how to navigate through the action center to make your voice heard. Please share this with your colleagues.


From FEA:

Survey indicates the best thank you for a teacher would be to trust their education and experience. Give them control over student instruction and assessment...
WASHINGTON, D.C— It’s National Teacher Day and around the country thousands of communities are taking time out to honor local educators and acknowledge the crucial role our nation’s teachers play in making sure every student receives a quality education. As part of this year’s celebration, the National Education Association conducted an online poll, asking teachers, “What do you want for National Teacher Day?” 

What teachers want - Teacher Appreciation WeekNearly 1,000 educators participated in the poll. Poll responses indicate that teachers still appreciate thank you cards, flowers and drawings from their students, but teachers also expressed growing concern and frustration with high stakes testing and the lack of classroom autonomy. According to those participating in the online poll, the best “thank you” would be to:  
“Trust my education and experience. Give me control over my students’ instruction and assessment” (29.1%)
“Stop the standardized testing mania (28.06%)
“Pay me the salary I deserve” (19.98%)
“Smaller classes so I can give more individualized attention” (11.66%)
“A classroom with adequate school supplies” (5.66%)
“More time for class preparation and grading” (5.54%)

“National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week provide a wonderful opportunity to thank teachers for their hard work throughout the year to help ensure the success of each and every student,” said NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. “We’re asking everyone to take the time to recognize and thank a favorite teacher,” said Van Roekel.  “We know that appreciation alone will not reduce the challenges teachers face, but it will let them know their efforts are not going unnoticed.”

NEA kicked off Teacher Appreciation Week by recognizing on Friday the 2013 inductees to the National Teachers Hall of Fame, which honors exceptional career teachers, encourages excellence in teaching, and preserves the rich heritage of America’s teaching profession. This year’s five inductees were honored during  a reception at NEA with NEA President Van Roekel and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.