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Florida Voting Challenge CTA President Dr. Kathi Gundlach & Vice-President Bill Rizzo took the ALS ice bucket challenge at the 2014 Organizing Conference. A twist was added to this challenge, by nominating CTA members and FEA local Presidents' to post their vote. #postthevote #flvotingchallenge

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CTA Calendar Handbooks   Handbooks were picked up at the Organizing Conference over the weeked. If you are a CTA member but have not received your calendar handbook be sure to see your lead-rep at your school. If you are a lead-rep and have not got your calendar handbooks for your school, be sure to stop by the CTA office and pick them up.
MAKE SURE TO REQUEST YOUR VOTE BY MAIL BALLOT TODAY As educators, it’s important that we make sure our voices are heard, and voting by mail is the easiest way to do that. It’s simple to request your vote by mail ballot.Join thousands of your colleagues and request your vote by mail ballot today!

Campaign Materials Do you need yard signs, bumper stickers, flyers or other campaign materials? Stop by the CTA office at 715 Spencer Drive, West Palm Beach Florida to pick some up and take them home.
Election Volunteer Action Click here to download the volunteer action card and let us know how you would like to help get out the vote! You can choose as many of the following you wish to do: Make phone calls, walk for candidate, talk to friends & family, sign waver, work the polls, driver teachers to polls or stuff envelopes. Cards can be filled out and dropped off at the CTA office.
10 Ways to Make Classroom Management Easier At Share My Lesson, we know the back-to-school season is particularly busy. To save you time, here are our top 10 ways to make managing the classroom a bit easier.

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Testing in Florida is a mess; let's work for a rational system We believe we must place a moratorium on the use of any form of assessment based on the new state developed standards for high stakes accountability decisions, such as, student promotion, teacher evaluation ratings and performance pay. Teachers and school administrators ...

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TeacherFest "I AM CTA" Video CTA held an event at Boynton Beach Community High School this past week for all new teachers. Over 500 new teachers attended the event. This event was a great way for members to engage new teachers and encourage them about all the great reasons to join our union & answered any questions they had about joining.
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